Working with a Recruiter to Uncover Hidden Internal Talent

Talent professionals are rediscovering a critical talent pool.

Organizations used to fill open roles by promoting their people, moving employees along one career path for a lifetime. Then, in recent decades, companies started hiring talent away from other companies. Outsiders are already trained and more natural to recruit because they employer-hopped to get ahead.

Today, internal recruiting is making a gradual comeback. Role changes within organizations (via promotion, transfer, or lateral move) have increased steadily by 10% over the last five years, according to LinkedIn data.

Why? Organizations are rediscovering how cost-effective it is to recruit their people. Workplace learning is also helping to build skills internally, so there’s less need to import them from elsewhere.

This is just another example of an evolving recruitment process, and there is no one size fits all solution. Finding the right skills and qualifications is one thing: finding someone who matches your team and culture is another.

Whether you want to hire internally or externally, a skilled recruiter can help your organization vet existing team members in the following ways.

Proactively Reach Out

Most internal hires today are initiated by hiring managers or employees themselves—recruiters need to play a more prominent role. A call from an external recruiter hired by the organization can be a retention tool, too, whether or not the person moves. It’s a pat on the back that says an employee is respected and valued.

Formalize The Process For Greater Diversity

Organic internal moves often happen through existing networks and relationships, which can discourage diversity. Internal recruiting should be structured and proactive rather than relying on employees to find opportunities on their own. When working with an external recruiter, quality candidates can be identified and targeted. Bringing in someone from the outside to assist in finding the perfect candidate, in most cases, eliminates unconscious biases.

Leverage Learning and Development

You’ll have a larger talent pool if you think about developing talent for future skills, rather than recruiting talent with fixed skills. Understanding exactly what your team needs to succeed is a good starting point in building a successful unit.  The DISC Assessment can help employers understand their team’s strengths and weaknesses, work preferences, and communication styles, making it a useful tool for identifying employees who have the potential to grow.

Don’t Seek Perfection

Neither external nor internal hires typically come with 100% of needed skills and experience. Be prepared to train and support your talent as they move into new roles. “No one is perfectly ready for their next job,” says Microsoft’s Chuck Edward. “So, to make that too hard is unrealistic.” To help employees transition into new roles and responsibilities, consider investing in ongoing training and development, such as BullsEye Recruitment’s customizable coaching programs. 

Give Employees A Great Candidate Experience

Every application deserves a polite response—even if it’s a personalized rejection letter. When you work with an external recruiter, you can trust that each of your candidates is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism, through every step of the recruitment journey. 

If you’re looking for support in finding the best internal candidate, give BullsEye Recruitment a call, and let’s examine how we can see the hidden gems in your team while ensuring your company’s continued success.

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