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Resumes don’t find great jobs, recruiters do.

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You deserve to work in a position where you thrive. At BullsEye Recruitment, we look beyond the bullet points of a job posting and assess fit through skills, experience, goals, personality and work style. A placement based on fit is truly a win-win for employee and employer.


How it Works 

Trevor Johnson, Founder of BullsEye Recruitment, will use a personalized, consultative approach to supporting you in achieving your career goals. Through detailed discussions, he will gain an understanding of your skill set, experiences and what differentiates you from other job seekers. Next, he will gain an understanding of your goals and career objectives, and explore the possibilities available to you. Finally, he will seek to understand the kind of corporate culture that will best fit your personality and work style.

Through Trevor, you will gain invaluable knowledge of organizational structures, logical career paths, market conditions, and industry specifics as they relate to accounting and finance roles. He will invest the time to offer career guidance and resume critiquing, as well as coaching on interviewing and negotiation skills as you progress through the interviewing and selection process of his clients. Even after you’ve landed that next great opportunity, he will follow up with you to stay connected and ensure that he understands your level of satisfaction with your new role. It is this long-term partnership that ensures your continued success.

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