Unlocking Success: 3C Approach with DISC Assessment at BullsEye Recruitment

In the world of recruitment, Trevor Johnson, Owner/Operator at BullsEye Recruitment in Calgary stands out for his innovative approach to matching clients with candidates. Utilizing his behavioral consulting expertise through DISC Assessment, Trevor goes beyond the ordinary by incorporating the 3C’s: Clarity, Competencies, and Commitment. In this blog, we’ll explore how Trevor’s unique blend of the DISC Assessment and the 3C’s is reshaping the recruitment landscape, ensuring not only successful matches but lasting partnerships.

Understanding DISC Assessment and the 3C’s:

The DISC Assessment is a powerful tool that categorizes individuals into four main personality types. However, Trevor takes it a step further by introducing the 3C’s: Clarity, Competencies, and Commitment, to make his recruitment process more robust and impactful.


Trevor’s first pillar, “Clarity,” involves gaining a deep understanding of both the client’s needs and the candidate’s aspirations. By fostering clear communication and setting realistic expectations, he ensures that the recruitment process starts on a strong foundation. Instead of just being content, clients and candidates are now “clear” about their goals and objectives.


The second pillar, “Competencies,” focuses on matching candidates not only based on their skills and qualifications but also on their behavioral competencies. Trevor’s DISC Assessment expertise helps identify candidates whose competencies align perfectly with the client’s requirements. This means that clients don’t just receive suitable candidates; they receive candidates who excel in their roles.


The third and equally crucial pillar is “Commitment.” Trevor emphasizes the importance of commitment from both parties involved in the recruitment process. He ensures that clients and candidates are committed not just to the job but to the long-term success of their partnership. This commitment ensures that placements made by BullsEye Recruitment in Calgary are not just successful but sustainable.

Client and Candidate Satisfaction:

The application of the 3C’s alongside DISC Assessment has significantly boosted client and candidate satisfaction. Clients no longer settle for good matches; they’re thrilled with the clarity, competencies, and commitment that come with every placement. Candidates aren’t just content in their new roles; they’re dedicated to their growth and development.

YouTube Videos and Educational Outreach:

Trevor’s commitment to the 3C’s doesn’t stop at the recruitment process. He extends his knowledge through informative YouTube videos where he elaborates on the importance of Clarity, Competencies, and Commitment in the recruitment world. These videos have garnered a following of individuals and businesses seeking the keys to successful hiring and partnerships.

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Trevor’s 3C approach, combined with his mastery of DISC Assessment, has elevated BullsEye Recruitment in Calgary to new heights. Clients and candidates are no longer merely satisfied; they’re immersed in a recruitment experience defined by Clarity, Competencies, and Commitment. Trevor’s educational outreach through YouTube videos further solidifies his status as an industry leader, providing invaluable insights to all those who seek to unlock success in the world of recruitment.


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