The Role of Recruitment in Enhancing Employee Experience

When you think about employee experience, you likely consider everything that happens after you hired a candidate. You may be surprised to learn that employee experiences begin far before contracts are signed, and you have filled the positions. 

When Does the Employee Experience Begin?

Job seekers want to learn about the organizational culture before applying for an opening. For your company to attract top talent, it needs to make a positive first impression. 

Employees can be your biggest advocates or greatest critics. No matter where you fall, experiences are shared, and news travels fast. You can shape your company’s reputation by the opinions of past and present employees, promising candidates and even the applicants who never make it past screening. As company-review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed gain in popularity, one bad review from a disgruntled applicant can hinder your chances of attracting a star employee. 

Immerse Candidates into Your Culture 

Enhancing employee experience is essential, but leading employers understand that it’s never too early to let your organizational culture shine. Being intentional about creating a positive candidate experience throughout the entire recruitment process will increase your chances of beating out the competition.

Here are a few ways employers can create a positive candidate experience that continues into employment:

  • Be overly communicative, empathetic, and respectful of each candidate’s time throughout the recruiting process
  • Build up a solid reputation on free sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and even social media. These are the resources potential candidates will turn to while researching your company and can be the first impression they take away about your brand.
  • Solicit feedback from both successful and unsuccessful candidates to create advocates for the organization, no matter the outcome of the process.

With a targeted, people-first approach, we offer recruitment and customizable coaching services to professionals at all levels. Ultimately, meeting search and placement needs that accelerate business, drive optimal results and retain top talent.

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