Secrets Leaders Employ to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Striking a balance between family time and your career or business is an on-going struggle. We saw “work-life balance” as the buzzword in 2019, and we don’t see it diminishing (for good reason) anytime soon. 

As a leader, founder of your own business, or top-level executive, there is a common misconception that once you get to this level, you will have more time and freedom to enjoy your business, along with the luxuries of an exciting personal life. 

Unfortunately, the more responsibility that rests on your shoulders, the less likely you are to find a healthy balance between work and life. However, as we prepare to celebrate Family Day in Canada, now’s the time to shine a light on the importance of creating a family-friendly workplace that attracts and retains great employees and gives leaders the space to breathe.

When the stress of juggling pressures at work and home gets to be too much, or simply goes on for too long, a team burnout is ahead. Today, employees will feel a sense of control and ownership over their work, team, and overall success of the company when issues at work and home are appropriately balanced. Motivation will increase, stress will decrease, and the overall success of the company will flourish. 

We encourage leaders to dig deep and self reflect on this odd dichotomy in the workplace. Here are a few secrets that top employers implement to achieve a happy balance within their organization. 

Hire People Who Fill Your Gaps 

When they say hire employees who are smarter than you, this is more figurative than literal. If we are being honest, we can’t do it all, and when we try to most of us burn out and fail. When hiring, it’s important to seek out people who complement your strengths and fill in the gaps where you have weaknesses. Finding specialized employees who can hone in on an area that you have no interest or skills at will not only drive your business forward, but it will also create a more positive, stress-free work environment for everyone. 

Avoid Micromanaging 

If you have ever experienced a micromanaging leader, you’ll know that this behaviour fosters high workplace stress and kills motivation. It’s discouraging for employees to feel like they are always failing you. Plus, if you’re constantly redoing someone else’s work, there’s a bigger problem at play. It’s important to look at your team and ensure you’ve hired the right people for the roles they are working in. If you have any hesitations, it’s best to reassess your hiring decisions. 

Embrace Work-Life Integration 

Whether it’s extending personal days, increasing benefits, allowing the flexibility to work from home, or simply finding ways to decrease the stress in your overall workplace, listen to your employees and find out how you can best meet their needs. Obviously, some discretion is required, but creating a workplace that is flexible will allow your employees to be empowered when they come to work. Motivating them to excel in their role, seek out professional development, and work hard to drive your business to the next level. It’s a mutualistic relationship! 

Ensuring that you and your team are healthy, energetic and engaged is in your company’s best interest. If you’re struggling to keep your head above water, contact BullsEye Recruitment. With over 20 years of experience in building and leading high-performance teams, we can solve your most significant staffing challenges, creating more synergy, less stress, and a successful work-life balance for everyone in your organization.  

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