Improving the Employee Experience in Tough Financial Times

2020 has so far been a year of great hope and prosperity as we venture into a new decade, but it’s also been met with some tense, uncertain energy at the same time. 

Linkedin’s 2020 Global Talent Trend Report identifies some major shifts and influxes that are predicted to take the work world by storm this year. The report identified four primary priorities and talent trends: People AnalyticsInternal RecruitingMulti-Gen Workforces and lastly, Employee Experience

“Employee experience,” according to the report, is defined as “everything an employee observes, feels, and interacts with within the company.” They go on to state that the employee vs. employer dynamic is rapidly changing, saying “organizations are now conforming to workers,” rather than the other way around. 

For companies to enhance their employee experiences, the report continued to identify five key areas of improvement: 

  • Compensation and benefits 
  • Simplified administrative process 
  • Open and effective management  
  • Intuitive tools and technologies 
  • Ongoing employee training

In Forbes list of “Canada’s Best Employers,” it was mentioned that Canadians are enjoying a strong job market in 2020. However, if one looks closely, you’ll notice that not a single Albertan company made the cut. Why? Due to uncertain economic times, Alberta has not seen the benefits of the job market influx that the rest of Canada has been experiencing.

From our experience, working with both employees and employers here in Alberta, during a downturn candidates are more likely to accept a position of lesser pay, if it means having more stability and long-term opportunities with a company. So, how does this apply to the employee experience trend? 

According to LinkedIn’s report, “companies need to go back to the bread-and-butter-basics and take action on what your employees care about most.” To further that, in our hands-on findings, the cushy extras in a workplace are, as they always will be, important for the attraction and retention of top talent. However, Albertans seem to be willing to sacrifice some of the perks if it means landing a long-term job opportunity that they can rely on.

As an employer here in Alberta, here are the three areas you should be focusing on to increase your employee’s experiences within their roles and the company as a whole. 

Compensation and Benefits 

As we mentioned above, employees (especially top talent) are looking for longevity and sustainability within positions they take on. First, employers need to stop and listen to the needs of their employees. Find out what is important to them, such as time flexibility, working from home, personal care time, time off in lieu, pension plans, etc. Then, you can take this feedback constructively and work collaboratively with your employees to come up with creative, customizable compensation packages that meet their needs, inside and outside of their role. 

Open and Effective Management

It’s well known that people leave bad managers, not companies. When employees are forced to work under managers who lack the skills or training to lead effectively, it’s common for them to feel dissatisfied in their role, see a lack of career growth. Before you know it, your employees are completely disengaged and looking for work elsewhere. Make it a priority to invest in your managers and provide them with the leadership and coaching support they need to foster a positive team environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Ongoing Employee Training 

Put your time into employees who are investing in their career growth. While companies can provide professional development and training opportunities, employers should look for employees who demonstrate a willingness to take charge of their own professional growth. This two-way street holds both employers and employees accountable and allows them to invest in a strong, mutual relationship that is set up for long-term success. 

Our team here at BullsEye Recruitment is well versed in the Alberta market, and we are working with employers and employees every day to navigate the uncertain job landscape that we are currently up against. With a targeted, people-first approach, we offer recruitment and customizable coaching services to professionals at all levels. Ultimately, meeting search and placement needs that accelerate business, drive optimal results and retain top talent. 

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