Are you ready to pull the trigger on your next hire?

Good news!

When it comes to hiring activity in Calgary, 2020 is off to a positive start. We’re seeing an increase in hiring activity with more positions being posted to sites such as indeed and LinkedIn.

For companies looking to hire, now that activity is increasing, can you answer this question: Are you ready to pull the trigger on your next hire?

Navigating a competitive talent pool can be daunting. With a sound recruiting strategy, an experienced recruiter can ensure that you and your company are ready before you’re bombarded with hundreds of resumes and applications.

Be clear about requirements

The right candidates are more than likely to apply when you are crystal clear on the professional and personal qualities, qualifications, and expectations needed to fulfill the job.

Quality vs. Quantity

An honest look at what your company can offer can save you valuable time. You may end up continually disappointed with your recruiting efforts if you are not honest with who you are as a company. By working with a recruiter, strategies can be developed to figure out what kinds of candidates are the right fit.

Sadly, your perfect fit isn’t going to appear on your doorstep. Recruiting the right person takes time, that’s where we come in.

The current workplace dynamic is shifting, and there are several different styles and generations at play, is your company ready?

BullsEye Recruitment can help you and your organization develop and execute a comprehensive recruitment strategy that improves your chances of beating out the competition and landing the ideal candidate.

If you’re looking for support in hiring and are prepared to answer the question, “are you ready?” give BullsEye Recruitment a call.

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