The Future of Work: What to Expect in 2020 and Beyond

The workplace, as we know it, continues to evolve each year, and the evolution isn’t going to slow down any time soon. As we look forward to 2020 and beyond, here are five things employers can expect to see a lot more of in the modern workplace.

1. Artificial Intelligence 

While there are concerns about robots taking our jobs (we talk about how candidates can combat this issue by sharpening their soft skills here), AI is also starting to make a significant impact on recruitment practices, employee experience, and business efficiencies. Whether it’s AI pre-screening, HR chatbots, or on the job training, expect to see the AI revolution continue for years to come. 

2. Environmental Consciousness

More and more companies are getting behind building an environmentally conscious company culture that promotes eco-friendly practices with sustainability in mind. 

Some of these initiatives include: 

  • Implementing a recycling program
  • Conserving energy by powering down electronics and turning off lights during off-hours
  • Going digital and promoting a paperless office
  • Supporting green vendors
  • Providing reusable coffee mugs and water bottles in the office 
  • Investing in indoor greenery
  • Offering transit subsidies to encourage sustainable transportation 

3. Schedule Flexibility

Traditionally, the workplace has been a very controlled environment. However, the strict 9-5 model is evolving in response to the new generation of employees. Today, no matter the industry, workers value flexible scheduling, remote work, and telecommuting options. Flexibility has been shown to reduce stress, increase employee satisfaction, and boost productivity. As your workplace evolves and flexibility perks are incorporated, ensure that you have policies, procedures, and tools in place that promote accountability. While flexibility is nice to have, it should never come at the expense of fulfilling team dynamics or job roles and responsibilities.

4. Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is a big part of employee performance. Companies know that when their people are happy and healthy, they are more productive, satisfied in their position, enhancing both employee well-being and the bottom line. By beginning a workplace dialogue, providing mental health tools, information and support, and updating policies and processes to ensure they reflect your commitment to a healthy and safe workplace, you can reduce stigma, increase wellness, and improve safety. 

5. Hiring Efficiency

The hiring process continues to change. Still, today, skilled recruiters are merging best practices with AI-driven tools and digital assessments that speed up the search and placement process, improving talent acquisition, streamlining and informing decisions, and eliminating unconscious bias. Effective 21st-century recruiters are transforming old recruiting methodologies that no longer sustain new models of operating. 

Are you ready to tackle your recruitment challenges in 2020? Hiring the right person, the first time, is critical for business success in the modern workplace. Our expert insights and strong relationships with top talent will provide you with qualified candidates who fit your emerging corporate needs, company culture, and team dynamics.

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