Busy Season Survival Tips for Accountants

We’ve placed hundreds of accountants over the years, and while accounting can be an incredibly rewarding profession, we get constant questions about how to better cope during “busy season.” 

January to April is a terribly busy time for accounting professionals. With such long hours, mastering time-management is a must to sustaining the season.

Here are our top five tips for surviving busy season: 

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Develop a plan to ensure the best outcome for success. The more prepared you can be going into busy season, the better equipped you’ll be when the inevitable work snag comes up. Build out your project plan and delegation strategy, bring in temporary help if needed, take care of life-maintenance tasks before the season hits, and schedule in social time prior to putting your head down for four months. 

Tip 2: Take Care of Yourself Before Work

Long hours and working late are unwritten rules during busy season, which means anything important to your personal life and well-being should be scheduled before the workday starts. Mornings are a great time to get things done: walk the dog, exercise, spend time with the kids, all before breakfast. You’re more likely to get interrupted later in the day, so aim to take care of yourself first thing when your will power is strong. 

Tip 3: Prioritize Self-Care

Busy season is prime time for burn out, which can leave you feeling more stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and resentful. To regain your balance, you must prioritize self-care. Book that 5 am exercise class, stock up on healthy, energy-boosting snacks, take your breaks outside, subscribe to a meal delivery service, book a massage on the weekend, and get plenty of sleep. While you may feel crunched on time, recognize that the more you can do to refuel and recharge, the more productive you’ll be during work hours.    

Tip 4: Cut the Commute

Time is of the essence, so why waste it getting suited up every morning, packing a lunch, and fighting traffic? Maximize time spent with your client on-site, and explore whether working remotely a few days a week is an option for you. 

Tip 5: Batch Tasks to Boost Focus

To maximize efficiency, batch similar tasks and complete them within a time block, with no distractions. Multitasking kills productivity, so pull out your to-do list and start grouping! Book as many client calls and meetings into one day as possible, block off time to buckle down and do the work, and instead of checking your emails all day, pick three times a day where natural breaks occur to clear your inbox. 

Bonus Tip: Remember Busy Season is a Season

Yes, this too shall pass. While it can be easy to get stuck in the grind, keep your eyes on the prize. Whether you get extra paid time off in the summer, or a boost to your paycheck at the end of the year, embrace the challenge. When you come out on the other side, it will all be worth it! 

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