Our Most Popular Work Insights from 2019

As 2019 winds down, we are excited to share some of our most popular articles and insights from the year. 

Starting with number 10, here are our top headlines of 2019: 

10. Reviewing the New LinkedIn Interview Question Generator

LinkedIn launched a new tool in 2019, called the “Interview Question Generator.”​ Want to know our thoughts? In this article, we review the tool and share our opinions on whether or not hiring managers should be using it during the interview process. 

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9. 5 Reasons You Need a Career Outplacement Program

Does your company invest in exiting employees instead of letting them go without help? It should. Here’s why.

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8. 5 Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Unhappy in Your Current Role 

Are you unhappy at work? You may love your career in finance or accounting, but the company may not be a fit for you. Ask yourself these five questions, and then contact us for career growth support.

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7. The Dos and Don’ts of Working with a Recruiter

If you are unchallenged in your current career and looking for a transition, we can help. When you are ready to take your career to the next level, read this blog on the dos and don’ts of working with a recruiter:

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6. Body Language Mistakes That Are Making You Unemployable 

Struggling to get past the first round of interviews? These body language mistakes may be costing you the job.

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5. Performance Appraisals Aren’t Dead, You’re Just Doing Them Wrong

When employers have clarity on their job descriptions, a clear focus on objectives and goals for the position and person, a regular formalized review process is critical. Read our blog to learn why performance appraisals aren’t dead.

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4. 4 Ways to Customize your Resume to Appeal to Robot Recruiters 

Here’s how you get your resume past the ATS robots.

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3. The Art of Resigning Gracefully

A poor resignation can leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, and the consequences can follow you to your next position. Here are some tips on resignation etiquette that will ensure you leave a positive final impression at your former workplace.

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2. Warning Signs to Watch Out For When Checking Candidate References 

While it can be time-consuming and unappealing, checking references when hiring new candidates for your company is critical. Here are some tips to follow when checking references.

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1. BullsEye Recruitment Gives Back

For over four years now, our founder and CEO, Trevor Johnson, has volunteered his time to facilitate the Career Development Program at the Calgary Dream Centre. Learn about how we give back to the community.

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