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For over four years now, our founder and CEO, Trevor Johnson, has volunteered his time to facilitate the Career Development Program at the Calgary Dream Centre

Finding a way to help to support the community is something that Trevor is extremely passionate about, especially because of the opportunities he was given when he initially moved to Calgary in 1989. 

“I was blessed with great opportunity and learning. People were welcoming, giving and supportive. I believe that is how Calgarians still are, and I am proud to call myself a Calgarian,” says Trevor. “We live in a competitive society, and if I can help elevate one person to become aware of their potential, that is incredible. I believe all people should have the opportunity to be unconditionally loved, supported and encouraged to do and be their best and to realize their dreams.”

“When you see the guests of the Dream Centre improve, understand their value, and see how they can take control of their career and choices, it’s amazing,” explains Johnson. “Everyone should have the opportunity to choose their career, follow their heart, and pursue their passion. Sometimes people just need support and direction to make that happen.” 

In the beginning, Trevor knew he wanted to help, but he wasn’t initially sure what that looked like. “My Pastor and Missions Director asked if I could help out in some way, and of course my reaction was yes,” says Johnson. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in the last 5-years three of my friends had committed suicide, which all stemmed from mental illness and the abuse of drugs and alcohol to ease the pain.” 

It was the openness, endless support, and unconditional love that the Dream Centre offered that initially drew Trevor in and allowed him to begin teaching these courses. “They have a great system for training “why” people choose their paths, how they live that out, and how they can rebuild their families and communities,” states Johnson. “I wanted to be a part of this, and I knew that volunteering was the one way I could make a difference.”

Utilizing his 20+ years of experience in the industry, Trevor used his wealth of expertise to facilitate a course that focuses primarily on Career Development. It explores how to reintegrate into the workplace, understand character values, identify transferable skills, write a resume, network and succeed in an interview. 

“I have a fantastic group of seven to ten volunteers that congregate every Wednesday night to implement this course and help men re-integrate into the workplace. Each volunteer brings a unique perspective and experience to the team, without them the program wouldn’t be possible,” says Johnson. “We work to help the men create attainable goals, develop the necessary skills they need for specific positions, and how to maintain and elevate themselves in a position once they have obtained it.” 

Of course, this doesn’t come without its challenges, but for Trevor, it’s the visible transition and long-term success that makes it all worthwhile. “When a person first enters the program there is denial, a lack of accountability, or in some instances, a resistance to learn – much like someone who has recently been laid off or terminated,” explains Trevor. “It takes time for people to reflect and understand what is going on. I can’t speak specifically to the experience of recovery, but I have found that by the 3rd or 4th week both the individual in recovery and the individual job seeker not in recovery will start to appreciate that it is their choice and opportunity to find a career that aligns for them.”

Through teaching this course, Trevor has seen many success stories where individuals have found new value in their transferable skills, won interviews, and succeeded in achieving their goals as a result of the training. “These successes are always so rewarding because you can visibly see how it makes a difference in these individuals’ lives. We work to give them confidence and provide them with the resources to recreate their lives and reunite with their families.” 

“Trevor is a professional who brings passion and integrity to whatever he gets involved in, and his work at the Calgary Dream Centre is no different,” says Jim Moore, Executive Director of the Calgary Dream Centre. “When you’re dealing with addiction, we have our highs, and we have our lows, but Trevor never gives up. A lot of these men have been facing addiction for a long time. It’s a big step for them to come into the Dream Centre to start working on themselves, and they’re still raw when Trevor picks them up. Trevor accepts each man exactly where he is in his life at the time, with no judgement. There have been times when men walk out or don’t show up, but Trevor doesn’t have a faint heart. He provides hope. He gives that extra bit of support that can pull these men through the wall they’ve hit, and he prepares them for their future as they journey on.” 

Moore continues, “This is a big community. All you have to do is read the newspapers or turn on the TV to learn about the mental health and drug crisis in Calgary and Alberta. We are thankful for our volunteers, especially Trevor. We save all kinds of resources by having professionals come to the Dream Centre, and Trevor treats this place like it is his own. We really treasure him and feel honoured to have a man of this calibre backing us.”

About the Calgary Dream Centre  

The Calgary Dream Centre is a faith-based recovery organization working to change the lives of those most vulnerable in our city. The centre’s holistic process of transformation and multiphase programs help individuals escape the cycle of homelessness and addiction. Since 2002, the centre has helped over 4000 men and women restore their dignity, discover their destiny, and realize their dreams. For more information, visit www.calgarydreamcentre.com

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