5 Insightful Ideas To Improve Corporate Culture

Many companies invest a crazy amount of time and money into metrics and ROI driven business strategies. All of which are very important for the success and growth of your company, but so are the people. 

We hear time and time again that “the people make the place.” It’s simple, and yet a crucial consideration for companies to consider when looking at budgets and measuring the efficiency of the business. 

Company culture, also known as the general interactions between employees and management, is the unseen force that drives your company and allows it to successfully work as a well-oiled machine. When your employees begin to embody the core values and beliefs that lie at the core of your business, outside of regular business transactions, that’s when the magic starts to happen. 

Building an outstanding company culture encourages your team to work more collaboratively, attracts high-quality talent, improves performance, and maintains employee satisfaction and retention. When your employees are happy, you will have a loyal, engaged, and more productive team that will drive your business to the top. 

Here are five innovative ideas to help improve culture within your team, department, or organization as a whole! 

Increase Two-Way Transparency 

It’s important for your employees and team members to know you trust them. The only way you’re going to achieve this is by being transparent and allowing them to do the same. 

Most talented employees aren’t in a position for the money, it’s because they believe in your company and what it’s trying to achieve and feel their skills can contribute to your organization’s mission. As a result, you need to make sure your staff are aware of these details. Let them know when a large decision is being made, or where the direction of the business is headed. Leaving your employees in the dark will create rumours and a lack of trust between levels of management, neither of which creates a strong company culture. 

On the flip side, allowing employees to be transparent with you and letting them know you’re listening is also a key component in a strong company culture. If they are feeling insecure in their role, not challenged, or don’t get along with another employee, they need to know you hear them and that whatever the issue is, will be resolved as a team. 

Increase Communication

Collaboration should be a mandate in every company culture. Having employees work together and develop strong relationships will increase productivity and engagement amongst your team. Make sure that everyone has an open line of communication across all levels of employees and management. Try implementing various tools to communicate, project manage, and have video conference calls (especially if you’re team isn’t all in the same location). 

Increase Positive Reinforcement 

There’s a reason why this works so well when raising kids and pets! If your employees feel valued and appreciated, they will likely put their best foot forward when producing the highest quality of work that they are capable of. Knowing that your manager thinks you’re doing great is motivating for the team and will keep them engaged when it comes to problem-solving and facing new challenges. 

Walk The Talk 

This is one of the most important ones! If you don’t believe and embody the core values of the company, how can you expect your employees to? Follow-through, and ensure the words on your website match your actions and are fed through every decision, strategy, and management tactic. When new and current employees see that you share the same beliefs, and live them out, it will be motivating for them to do the same. 

Be a Leader, Not a Boss 

No one wants to work for a boss. They are uninspiring, unmotivating, and there will be no actual humanized relationship that forms. Employees want to learn, grow, and prosper within a company, and they want to work with a leader who is going to take them there. Working for someone you admire and look up to in your career is one of the most motivating factors for teams and attracting new employees. Once your employees lose their respect for you, you lose their attention and ability to engage. Essentially, they will just be churning out work, at a mediocre level to simply get it done, not because they believe in it. 

Could your company culture use some work? Or do you feel that your leadership abilities could be higher? Let us help! 

We will support you in unlocking your leadership potential, while learning how to develop high-potential employees and high-performing teams. With over 20 years of experience, we offer customizable coaching that will empower you to leverage your strengths, hone your skills, optimize your performance, and make decisive actions that will create measurable results. 

Together, we can work to enhance your team and increase your overall company culture.

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