Looking for career growth? Struggling in your current role?

Finding the right fit isn't easy, but it starts with understanding yourself.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied at your job, but are committed to your career path in accounting or finance, we can help you progress in a direction that suits you.

Whether you’re looking for career development or a career transition, BullsEye Recruitment offers customizable career coaching services to professionals at all levels. 

Discover your personality type, work preferences, and communication style so that you can narrow your search and find a role that suits your unique talents best.

As a Certified Coach and Behavioural Consultant, with Trevor Johnson by your side, you'll have the resources, skills, and support you need to realize your potential and find what’s next in your career.   

Contact us today to get started on a professional career coaching experience that will give you the guidance, skills and understanding you need to land a position where you will thrive.

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We've got your back, through your career entire journey.

Discover what kind of work you're best suited for.


Learn the critical skills required in today’s work environment.


Set goals and establish a career path, not just a job.


Power up your personal brand to stand out from the crowd.


Build confidence and define your value proposition.


Make informed decisions about the evolution of your career.


Find your perfect fit today.

Contact us to book your free 45-minute consultation.

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