The Top Hiring Mistake You’re Making (& What To Do Instead)

Have you struggled to find the ‘right’ person for your finance team? Are you tired of attracting mediocre candidates? Have you ever wondered why? You may be surprised to hear this, but your job description is likely a major part of the problem.

The True Cost of a Poorly Written (or Non-Existent) Job Description

Bad hires are bad for business, and hiring great talent starts with attracting great talent. Failing to think through, and put to paper, precisely whom you want to hire is likely the most expensive hiring mistake you can make.

Hiring before adequately defining the role can be catastrophic for you, your new employee, and your business.

  • Instead of improving efficiencies and driving your business forward with added resources, you’ll spend hours training and managing your new hire, correcting their mistakes, and providing feedback.
  • New hires will have no way to measure right from wrong and will quickly become frustrated, discouraged and disengaged from their work.
  • Dissatisfaction will lead to turnover, which not only dampens company morale and hinders productivity, but it also leaves your business in the same vulnerable position of starting the recruitment process over – and likely making another poor hiring decision.

Cookie-Cutter Job Descriptions Won’t Cut It

Before even thinking about planning your recruitment strategy, set aside time to answer the following questions:

  • What job title, keywords, tone and language will attract your ideal candidates?
  • What key responsibilities do you need this person to take on?
  • What deliverables will this person need to produce?
  • How does this role contribute to solving existing business problems?
  • What skillsets must he or she have?
  • What experience must this person have to be successful in this role?
  • What educational requirements (if any) are necessary?
  • What character, personality traits, working styles and attitudes will this person need to be a strong, long term fit?
The best strategy for writing a winning job description and attracting top talent is to enlist the help of a reputable search and placement recruitment agency.

When you partner with BullsEye Recruitment, we’ll work closely with you in developing a holistic understanding of your hiring needs. Using a targeted, people-first approach, we tailor our search and placement methods to your business, finding the right fit, fast, while maintaining high-quality service.

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