Case Study: Using DISC to Build High-Performing Teams

The Problem

A small, emerging organization was experiencing challenges in attracting and retaining the right fit for a new role. The leadership team had reached capacity, and the ability to grow and scale became dependent on hiring a qualified candidate who not only checked the boxes on paper, but also suited the company’s culture and close-knit team. Previous hires had been unsuccessful, and staff turnover was triggering stress, impacting productivity, and causing  expensive setbacks.

The Solution

Using the DISC Behavioural Assessment Tool, we helped the organization understand each team member’s unique personality, workplace styles, responses to stress, and strengths and weaknesses in leadership. Ultimately, providing valuable insights into why previous hires were unsuccessful.

The Results

The organization’s primary personality types were “D” (Dominant, Driver) and “S” (Steady, Stable), two very compatible behavioural styles that work well together in a team environment.

Based on their comprehensive DISC Assessment review, Trevor Johnson and the leadership team recognized that the person they were grooming to take on a management role was best suited for a sales and external communications. The employee was stressed because of constant negative feedback, and the leadership team was unhappy due to unmet  organizational needs. Based on these insights, we provided hiring and onboarding recommendations that took into account the specific “D” and “S” perspectives and needs.

Recommendations included:

  •  Writing a detailed job description that includes responsibilities, necessary competencies, behavioural traits correlated with the role, an overview of the company culture, and how the candidate will contribute to solving challenges.
  •  Developing a comprehensive playbook for new hires that outlines best  practices, expectations, and processes and checklists that ensure quality of work.
  •  Introducing a standardized training and onboarding program that provides new hires with the necessary tools to thrive in their unique team dynamic.

Learn How DISC Can Work for Your Organization

Trevor Johnson is highly skilled at assessing personalities and work styles, exploring team dynamics, understanding roles and relationships, and providing insights that drive long-term success.

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