The Top Challenges in Accounting and Finance Recruiting

The accounting and finance sector has been embedded in Calgary’s business landscape for years, so why are employers still experience hiring headaches for these crucial positions?

Here are the three recruiting challenges we hear about most often:

1. Talent Shortages

“41% of Canadian employers say they can’t find the skills they need.”
– Manpower Group

Talent shortages are a growing challenge for employers all over the world. In the digital age, organizations are confronted with finding the right candidates who meet the needs of changing and emerging roles. When it comes to filling accounting and finance jobs, employers cite lack of applicants, necessary experience, and the right blend of hard skills and human strengths as the main reasons for unfulfilled openings.

2. Finding the Right Fit for Candidate AND Company

“Cultural fit is the ability of an employee to comfortably work in an environment that is congruent with his own beliefs, values, and needs. The challenge for employers is to identify and hire employees who fit their work culture.”
– The Balance Careers

There’s a difference between candidates who are interested in a job and candidates who are attracted to your job and company, specifically. Attracting, hiring and retaining someone who has a genuine interest in your company, mission, products or services, and your organizational culture will lead to a more positive work environment, happier staff, and more productivity.

When deciding whether a candidate is a cultural fit, consider communication styles, beliefs, outlooks, attitudes and behaviours that are congruent with your current organization. It’s hard to know who will fit in, but it’s a critical hiring challenge that companies must solve.

3.  Recruiting and Retaining Millennials

“62% of senior finance professionals believe that recruiting millennials is the biggest challenge for their business.”
– Accounting Today

Attracting and retaining the next generation of employees is crucial to the future of any business. By 2020, millennials will account for 50% of the global workforce. When it comes to the accounting and financial services sector, only 10% of millennial employees plan to stay in their current role long term. Employers are faced with the unique challenge of understanding the millennial generation, considering what they value and expect most from their career, employer, and workplace, and developing a strategic approach to recruitment and retention as they continue to reshape the workplace.

Overcome The Biggest Accounting & Finance Recruitment Challenges

Who you hire is who you choose to drive your company forward. Don’t take a shot in the dark. The accounting and finance industry is changing quickly, and employers need to stay on top of current trends and adjust their recruitment strategies accordingly.

The most effective action you can take is to work with a trusted, specialized accounting and finance recruitment firm like BullsEye Recruitment. We see your hiring challenges as our greatest opportunities. Using a targeted, people-first approach, we’ll tailor our search and placement methods to your business, finding the right fit, fast, while maintaining high-quality service.

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