5 Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Unhappy in Your Current Role

Feeling dissatisfied at work? You’re not alone.

According to research, nearly 70 percent of employees are actively disengaged, and 53 percent of people are currently unhappy at work. If you’re struggling to pinpoint where your discontent is stemming from, ask yourself these five questions:

1. What am I unhappy about?

You may not realize what’s bothering you until you seek professional guidance. At BullsEye Recruitment, we utilize the DISC personality assessment to understand behavioural traits better. DISC measures Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The assessment increases your self-awareness, helping you realize your motivations, stressors, and how you approach conflict.

2. What am I missing?

As experts in the financial industry, BullsEye Recruitment provides resources, skills, and support. We help candidates realize their full potential by assessing their performance, work preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. With these tools, we’re able to guide job seekers down the right career path, leading to improvements in success and happiness.

3. What are my unique talents?

Many job seekers underestimate how much they have to offer. BullsEye career coaching helps candidates discover their strengths and develop their weaknesses. Once you realize your work preferences, communication style, and priorities, you’ll be better equipped to find an ideal role with a company that suits you.

4. What do I appreciate at my current position?

Even if you’re unhappy, every job offers insight. It’s unlikely that you dislike every aspect of your current position. Instead of mulling over all of the negatives, seek out the positives and lessons learned.

5. What am I willing to give up?

In order to thrive, everyone needs to give and take. Once you have your DISC assessment in hand, you’ll have access to important personal insights that will drive you forward. Rather than turning a blind eye to your flaws, you’ll recognize when you’re becoming less productive, uncooperative, or more prone to conflict, and can apply positive strategies for growing through any challenge that crosses your desk.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied in your current role but are committed to your career path as an accountant or finance professional, talk to us about how we can help you take control of your career and progress in a direction that suits you.

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