Is FOMO Ruining Your Career? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

It’s common to see FOMO (fear of missing out) exist in your personal life, but it can also be a detrimental factor in your work-life as well. We aren’t talking about missing out on the latest party or purchasing the latest fashion trend. We are talking about that guilty pit in our stomachs when we scroll through our LinkedIn feed and see others who are apparently “doing more” when it comes to their success and career path and “doing it better” than us. 

The “hustle” is a trendy phrase for describing someone working hard and having something to show for it. As a result, we have begun to live in an extremely competitive world. We run ourselves ragged, living on the edge, fearing that we might miss out on our next big opportunity. 

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, one of the strongest motivators is FOMO, as 65% of people say they will miss their opportunity to succeed if they don’t keep their options open. 

This is a path that leads to burnout and exhaustion in both your work and personal life. Do you find this is hitting a little close to home? Ask yourself these three crucial questions to determine what your next steps should be. 

Do you struggle with boundaries? 

Are you the person who says yes to every single work-related opportunity that comes across your desk? If the answer is yes, this is one way to get taken advantage of by your team. Your inability to say no when you are unable to take on specific tasks or tasks that don’t fit within your job capabilities might be hindering you from taking that next step in your career. Good leaders know when they have taken on enough and where their efforts are best utilized. 

Do you over-schedule yourself? 

Filling your calendar with meetings, work, extra networking events, webinars, classes or workshops leaves little room to breathe. High performers determine what is most worth their time and where their time is best maximized. Going to everything will leave you exhausted. Be strategic and look at how you’re spending your time and how you could be spending it better and more efficiently. Remember, there are only 24 hours in the day – this goes for everyone! 

Are you constantly questioning your work-life balance decisions? 

If you haven’t heard it before, we are going to tell you now: it’s ok to have a life outside of work. Actually, it’s required! If you don’t take time to disconnect, get re-inspired, and enjoy some downtime, your productivity will begin to slip, and you’ll find yourself increasingly less engaged when you’re at work. Give yourself a break so that you can come to work every morning with fresh eyes and a clear mind, ready to maximize your potential and grind out work that is increasingly higher quality than the last. You’re only as good as your last report, assignment, or task you have completed! 

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, career coaching may be beneficial for you. Here at BullsEye, we can work closely with you to determine your strengths and weaknesses, where your time is best spent, and how you can start working more efficiently to achieve your goals within your personal life and your career. 

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