Characteristics of the Best Personality Tests For Teams At Work

Integrating personality testing into your organization can be incredibly beneficial and can play a huge role in driving your company to the next level. Personality assessments help leaders understand the various personality types that make up their employees while identifying key patterns and traits that are common among the top performers and highly successful teams. 

Personality tests also identify how each individual communicates, how they approach specific situations, how they problem-solve, and how they interact and form relationships with others. It essentially gives leaders a snapshot into the inner workings of their team, so they can work more effectively and collaboratively together.

Incorporating personality testing into the hiring process can also be helpful when selecting a candidate who will fit the culture of your company. The stakes are high when introducing a new employee, and when team dynamics, corporate culture, and values are ignored, it can lead to a very costly and detrimental oversight for your organization. 

Here are some characteristics that you should look for when choosing the right personality test to implement within your team! 

Does it Measure the Dimensions of Personality? 

From determining how employees interact with others (are you an extrovert or introvert) to highlighting strengths, weaknesses, preferred methods of communications, inner motivations, and conflict styles. A useful personality test will measure all of the dimensions of one’s personality, to give a full snapshot of how he or she interacts with the world. This can be helpful for employers to know, so they can better communicate and provide employees with feedback, while also allowing them to gain insight on how they best work with the other personality types on their team. 

Does the Test Have Scientific Validation?

There is a significant difference between taking a personality test on BuzzFeed and taking a scientifically calculated personality test. Take DISC, for example. DISC is a psychometric assessment that has been created through countless studies and tests that prove its validity. You can even read about the DISC theory and model that has undergone rigorous adaptive testing and validity research. Taking this test will give you accurate feedback and a detailed snapshot that will be useful for you and your team to assess.  

Does it Have Accurate Test-Retest Reliability?

In the short form, is your chosen personality test consistent? If a candidate were to retake the test tomorrow, next year, or in 5 years, they should receive the same results. While people do grow and evolve over time, their personality and innate tendencies should remain the same. 

Is the Test Appropriate for Use in Team Building?

Not all tests are built the same, so as a result, you must research them individually to find the one that will give you the best results for your organization. We highly recommend DISC testing, because it specifically highlights the fundamental aspects of human nature. Thus, helping leaders and teams work together and manage conflict more effectively.  

Is it User-Friendly? 

It’s good to know how much training is required to administer the test, and if anyone can complete it. Both of these factors determine the ROI and give you an idea as to whether it is worth implementing. The more training and education needed to take or administer the test, the more expensive this investment will be. If you choose to go with a test such as DISC, you can be confident that anyone and everyone on your team will complete the test without barriers. After answering a series of straightforward questions, you’ll receive a link to a comprehensive report, which can be reviewed with a certified behavioural consultant like Trevor. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! 

If personality testing is something you’re interested in implementing in your workplace, let us know. We can take you or your team members through an individual assessment and debriefing so that you can be aware of your strengths and limitations, clear a path for personal growth, and work smarter as you build a stronger team. We want to help you become the best version of yourself so that your team and the work you do can be an accurate reflection of that. 

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