Should I Hire for Personality or Skill?

One difficult task faced by employers and HR departments is the ability to convey a candidate’s potential through their resume and interviews. 

Should you hire for skill or personality?

Is their recollection of history or capabilities accurate? Are they undervaluing their abilities and achievements? Do they know how to promote their experience correctly, and not be overlooked?

Finding the perfect fit for your organization takes efforts above and beyond sifting through resumes and sitting across from prospects trying to assess their personality and skills in an impersonal setting. 

For HR departments and employers to get the best employee whose skills and personality perfectly complement the organization, behaviour assessments like DISC should be considered, allowing employers to get a much better sense of each candidate. 

Pre-employment assessments allow companies to discover what strengths a candidate brings, how much potential they’ll have in a specific role, and reduces costs associated with turnover and hiring.

Should I hire or train for skills?

While some skills are difficult and time-consuming to train for, most skills can be taught. Some companies prefer to train their employees to ensure their skills meet the unique requirements for a particular role or company.

How flexible is personality?

While personal behaviours can change throughout time, the majority of our traits are relatively inflexible and often made up of genetics, environment and role models. So, while our behaviours may shift and adjust, our core traits remain and are hard-wired.

How do I hire for workplace compatibility?

When hiring, skills can be taught, and employees can be re-trained, but personalities are near impossible to shift. When looking to hire in a team setting, team chemistry and fit ensure the cohesion that is necessary for teams to be able to complement their specific strengths and weaknesses. 

Making the best hiring choices involves time, patience, and external input. What appears as the perfect candidate can sometimes turn out to be a nightmare. However, when you put effort into knowing a potential employee’s personality and skill set before making an offer and balancing those interests based on your company’s needs, you improve your chance at being successful and building a team that will survive into the future.

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