Reviewing the New LinkedIn Interview Question Generator

Successful businesses are built on people, so it’s crucial to ensure you’re putting the right people together that will drive your business forward – almost like a puzzle. 

However, figuring out which people you need and then screening potential candidates to meet your needs can be the most challenging part of an interview. Often, the person sitting in front of you might be qualified, but their personality may not be a fit for your team or vice versa. It’s important to find a way to assess their soft skills and see how they can grow, adapt, lead, and flourish in your company culture. 

Finding out all of this information within a short interview is crucial, but also a hard part of the process. To succeed, you must do your homework. Just as a candidate should always do their research, know the company, and be able to explain how their contribution will help the company grow, you as the hiring manager need to do the same thing. 

First, you must understand who you need to hire, what skills they need to possess, how they can grow, what can be taught versus what they should already know, and what type of personality you’re looking to add to your team. 

LinkedIn Interview Question Generator: What is it?

LinkedIn recently launched a tool that can help with this process, called the “LinkedIn Interview Question Generator.” LinkedIn has done the legwork and research to generate the optimal questions so that you can uncover the traits or skills you may be looking for. 

It gives you the ability to select various hireable traits that you’re looking for and then breaks them down into the appropriate questions. It even goes as far as to generate a form with the optimized questions that you have selected and provides you with a rating scale to grade the answers you receive from each candidate. 

Should you use it? 

What are our thoughts on this new tool? Our founder and CEO, Trevor Johnson, thinks that this is a fantastic tool to use when you’re looking to make a new hire. 

“It highlights several areas that hiring managers will be interested in and leads them with some great starting points. Some of the interpretation and rating on scoring will be dependent on the interviewer’s knowledge of the job, the characteristics required, and the issues facing the corporate culture for the team, department or leader that the individual will be working within,” he says. “These are some of the areas that we assist employers with in discovering the right fit for the position. I would encourage employers to review this guide and to utilize the questionnaire; it is straightforward and easy to use.” 

Are you looking to attract the top accounting or finance candidates to add to your Calgary team? 

We offer a personalized, people-first approach to helping you build a high performing team that will drive your business forward. You will feel 100% confident in your hiring and onboarding strategy as we work together to find new hires that will succeed and invest in your company long-term. 

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