How to Strategically Brand Your Workplace to Attract Top Talent

When running a company, it’s important to realize your business has two brands. The one that works to market your products and services, and the one that puts your company in front of your ideal employees in the workplace. 

These two brands will likely have consistent storylines, but an organization has to think about how they are tailoring their messaging so that it stands out amongst the noise and resonates with the kind prospects that they are looking to hire. 

Here are 5 ways to build your employer brand to attract and retain quality employees. 

Highlight What Makes your Workplace Different 

In today’s technology-driven marketplace there are plenty of ways to get in front of your target employees – the key is transparency and authenticity. Showing the personality of your company, what type of people are employed there, and what a typical day-in-the-life may be, are all ways that will differentiate your company from the other hiring competition. 

Provide Candidates with An Employer Value Proposition 

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is considered an employee-centred approach to how you are perceived as an employer, as it goes further than giving a grocery list of perks and benefits your company has to offer. It’s the brand story, along with the strategic goals, priorities, and agendas that reflect external demands and internal reality. This helps re-engage your team and reduce your employee turnover rate, while also acting as a proposition for new talent that has been defined and proven with your current employee base. 

Go Where Your Employees Are

What generation are you looking at? How much experience do they have? Where is a popular spot for people in your industry to hangout (and we don’t mean on the weekend). If you’re looking at grow younger talent in your workforce you might find them on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Whereas hiring executives with larger experience portfolios you might have better luck targeting them through email, job boards, or with strategic recruiters. Wherever they may be, it’s important to craft your messaging in a way that suits the platform, conveys your story, and actively engages with your target workforce. 

Make Your Recruitment Efforts Standout 

Being mindful to stick to your brand, get creative and have some fun with the messaging, job postings and career pages that your company is advertising. Use real employees to create videos that give a glimpse into company life, like Facebook, come up with catchy ads with tag lines that are impossible to forget, or redo your ‘careers’ page on your website to reflect the actual company culture. Think about how you expect talent to show their individuality when they apply for a position and apply the same rules to your employer brand. 

Knowing where to start when creating your employer brand, or even simply giving it a much-needed update can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure how to do it creatively, yet still professional and in line with your current marketing strategy. Let us help you hit the mark! Our team here at BullsEye Recruitment will help you craft your messaging for your employer brand while tailoring your search and placement methods to match your business needs, so you are attracting and retaining the best candidate for your team. 

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