How to properly prepare for an interview

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You did it!   You landed an interview. Now is the time to carry that momentum and translate your positive outlook into the interview. The interview might seem intimidating, but there are several things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful meeting. 

Consider why you are interviewing 

Before your interview, ask yourself these questions, why do you want the job? Why are you qualified? Be ready to explain your interest in the opportunity in detail and why you’re the best person for the role.

Research the company

Research is important. It will help provide context for your interview, but it will also help you prepare impactful questions for your interviewers.

Researching the company and role as much as possible will give you an edge over the competition. Being calm is also a by-product of excellent research. You will be at your best if you research and prepare. 

Research the role

Understand the job description, be so well versed in the position that you will be able to answer specific questions without hesitation. Make sure you understand all the responsibilities that go along with it. This will not only prepare you with thoughtful questions about the position during the interview, but it will ensure that you’re genuinely qualified and prepared to tackle the responsibilities if you get the job.

Research the company culture

Modern companies usually have social media accounts and blogs that discuss their company culture and industry. This information will give you a sample of the tone and personality of the company, as well as their values. No matter how good a job seems, you must fit within the company culture and share a similar personality and values.

If you have questions about the workplace environment, culture, personality or values, be sure to ask during the interview. These questions can range from the company’s software and tools to their vacation and sick time policies. Remember that the conversation is just as much about you finding a good fit for you as it is about the company finding a good fit for the role. 

Knowing that your values are in step with the company will go a long way. This is also the perfect opportunity to find out more about the company and show the interviewer how you’ll fit. 

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