Knowing Your Personality Type Can Lead You To Your Dream Career

As a highly qualified candidate, you may not realize that your personality type plays a large role in landing your dream job. The DISC Behavioural Assessment Tool helps job seekers distinguish their unique behavioural traits. It equips candidates with knowledge of their strengths and leadership capabilities.

What is the DISC Behavioural Assessment Tool?

The DISC Behavioural Assessment Tool looks at four personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The assessment carves out skills in communication, organization, reactive behaviours, working relationships, self-knowledge, and comfort zones. The DISC method is not an aptitude test, and there are no wrong answers. DISC measures behaviours, habits, and personal preferences. It provides valuable insights that can help  you find the right job, with the right people, without turnover.

After filling out a series of questions, you’ll receive a  comprehensive profile report, which details your behavioural style, tendencies, needs, and your preferred working environment. You’ll discover how your personality type affects your everyday actions.

Using a universal language, DISC helps candidates understand their unique traits:

  •  Dominance: direct, strong-willed, forceful
  •  Influence: sociable, talkative, lively
  •  Steadiness: gentle, accommodating, softhearted
  •  Conscientiousness: private, analytical, logical

Why Does the DISC Method Matter For Your Job Search?

The DISC method provides BullsEye Recruitment with the tools to place  candidates in the perfect job environment. Candidates will enter their new job with confidence and comfort, ready to take on challenges and successes. The DISC method leads to fewer workplace conflicts, boosts teamwork, and improves production. Best of all, you’ll truly enjoy coming to work every day.

Trevor Johnson is a success-driven, expert career coach. He finds applicants the best jobs based on their unique needs. Contact BullsEye Recruitment to take your personalized DISC assessment today.
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