Body Language Mistakes That Are Making You Unemployable

Interviews are tough, and it’s common to not feel 100% yourself during them, but confidence is the key. You might have your elevator pitch perfected, memorized the answers to any questions they could ask, and the requirements for the job burned in your memory. Heck, you might be the best candidate for the position! Unfortunately, if your body language doesn’t match, it will be hard to convince the hiring manager that you’re right for the job.

If you’re confident that you’re qualified and deserve the opportunity to be hired, your body language should reflect this. Even if you have years of experience in a similar role, if you appear hesitant, uptight, or anxious, the hiring manager will likely be apprehensive about giving you a chance, let alone a second interview.

First impressions are everything. The better you can connect with the person sitting in front of you, the better chances you have to move on in the hiring process as a key candidate for the position.

Here are a few body language mistakes that many people make and what they imply in an interview. Try to avoid these missteps. Do what you can to appear confident, giving the hiring manager the impression that you’re perfect for the job.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Eye contact is how you connect with people, showing your attentiveness and focus on the conversation. Holding your gaze when you walk into the room and maintaining eye contact when in conversation will show your hiring manager that you’re interested in what they have to say and that you’re confident in your answers. Without eye contact, it’s easy to appear nervous and uncomfortable, and ultimately not a good fit for the position.


Slouching is never professional in any circumstance, let alone one where you’re trying to sell yourself for your dream position. Slouching and bad posture makes you look lazy, less attentive, and like you’d be more comfortable somewhere else, like your couch.

Overthinking Your Handshake

This goes hand-in-hand with eye contact. When you first greet the hiring manager, it’s important to smile, look them in the eye, and confidently reach your hand out for a shake. A weak handshake will show hesitation and apprehension, but a crushing one won’t leave a positive impression either. Make sure your grip is firm and confident, giving a golden first impression when you enter the room for your interview.

Unruly Facial Expressions

Some of us wear our heart on sleeves and our emotions on our faces. While this can show that you’re friendly and engaged, it can also hurt you when you’re in the midst of an interview. You can either look uninterested, annoyed at one of the aspects of the job, or like a puppy who desperately wants to get hired. Be aware of your facial expressions, smile and laugh when it’s appropriate, but don’t go overboard.

Crossing Your Arms

Crossing your arm or hiding your hands, in general, is a very defensive position that makes you appear hesitant, unconfident, and uptight with the situation. Use light gestures with your hands and appear confident in your answers, enthusiastic about the conversation, and engaged in the meeting.


This includes playing with your hair, playing with the change in your pocket, touching your face, or dreadfully biting your nails. These all make you seem nervous and uptight, showing that you have anxiety and stress about the situation. Although you may be screaming on the inside, you can’t let that show on the outside!

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