5 Tips for Successfully Onboarding Your New Hire

So, you’ve found and hired the perfect candidate? Congratulations! The employment contract is signed, and your new staff member starts on Monday, but what happens next? What’s your strategy for getting your employees up to speed?

If you want your new hires to succeed and invest in your company long-term, here are five tips to consider when onboarding new team members:

1. Have a Solid Company Infrastructure

Greet new hires with a formal welcome introduction, complete with phone, email, and passwords set up and ready to go. Appearing disorganized leads to high job turnover.

2. Utilize The Job Description

Your job posting should serve as a mini-mission statement. It’s a valuable resource to show candidates what orientation will entail, and what their key responsibilities will be.

3. Gauge Feedback from New Hires During the Orientation Process

You never know what works or doesn’t, until you ask. Have new hires take notes and provide feedback during training. This will not only make the orientation process more comfortable, but it will also create a smoother adjustment period.

4. Break up the Training Process

Implementing short, interactive training sessions in 30, 60 or 90-minute blocks will improve trainee engagement and retention of knowledge. During breaks, let new hires tour the office, meet staff and try simple work assignments.

5. Check in with Your New Hire Regularly

Show new hires that your executives are involved, charismatic, and caring. Holding meetings, scheduled meals, and informal drop-ins demonstrates strong leadership skills.

Better team collaboration, deeper employee connections, and lower staff turnover are possible when strong leadership and communication are at the forefront. As a Certified Behavioural Consultant, Trevor Johnson and BullsEye Recruitment can help you become the high-performing leader others aspire to follow.

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